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Hi!    ¡Hola!

I'm Liz Hubbard.

Here's my short story:

I love the beautiful desert sunsets, the Sandia mountains, sunshine and dirt from my upbringing- born and raised in New Mexico.

But,  after graduation, a few travels, and a jump three and a half years ago I swapped it for Pacific Northwest gray clouds, the Puget Sound, rain and greenery. I'm very happy about it!

​... and now I've taken my biggest risk yet, and moved to a city I've always dreamt about- NYC!

What my time in the PNW looked like:

I was living in small-town Port Townsend.

My work-life included regularly eating homemade ice cream and handmade chocolates...I was helping manage a small family business for my wonderful aunt and uncle, Elevated Ice Cream Co. & Candy Shop.

Day-to-day I was a team leader, bookkeeper, office manager, assistant to the owners, and content creator.

I'm always interested in trying new things, learning, adventuring, traveling, and making new connections!

Maybe you'd like to work together?

Browse through all the information I’ve provided, and contact me directly to learn more and how I might be good fit for you and your company!


LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY 

(I can't believe I am finally able to say this! I just woke up and decided it was time to take the jump! Welcome to NY, Liz!) 

SOCIAL: @LizHubbard16

Current OBSESSIONS: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!!!

Current FAV. TV Writer/Comedian: Amber Ruffin from Late Night Seth Meyers