Hi, I’m Liz!

Almost three years ago, I took the biggest leap of faith yet, and moved to NYC.

I woke up, thought what if, and booked a one-way ticket. 

Two weeks later, I landed and the adventure really began.

I didn’t have a job lined up or an apartment, but what I did have - to quote one of my favorite chick flicks - was gumption! (Get ready, I quote chick-flicks on a literal daily basis!)

I was really fortunate: I hit the pavement and worked hard- within a week and a half I found my first apartment in Brooklyn (five roommates and roaches, but hey, I was here, living this dream!). Manhattan is the goal, but that will come in due time. (In 2020 I upgraded to a better part of BK, and reduced my roommate count to 2!) 

I worked temp gigs for a few weeks before booking what was meant to be a temp-to-hire, which turned direct-hire at the interview! I was now a receptionist at a tech-finance firm. I learned a lot about the word ‘just’ during this period, “just a receptionist,” was something I had to work hard to re-train myself on. Being on the Office Mgmt team came natural to me, I'm innately organized and ready to roll up my sleeves.


I’m friendly and interested in creating a space where folks feel good, and that was my daily job as the person the employees and guests saw first thing entering the office.

Then the pandemic hit, and we were forced to work remotely.

Thankfully, my firm generously kept me on, and my favorite work-challenge arrived: I transitioned into being responsible for all of our North American engagement during our remote period! I got to plan bi-monthly virtual events: think beer and cheese tastings, wine and chocolate pairings, cooking classes, and even Broadway entertainment! 

I was thriving in creating an environment, even remotely, where people felt connected and like they belonged. I loved it! 

Now, I get to continue to create this environment with my team, and think about what comes next… Where do I get to adventure from here?!


What I know for now is that I love being the girl creating and planning events, and bringing people together.


LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY 

SOCIAL: @LizHubbard16

Current OBSESSIONS: Ted Lasso