I've got so.many.passions!

As a millennial with sayings like "the world is your oyster!" tossed around, it can feel overwhelming thinking about how to go about using, strengthening, and feeding my many, many passions and figuring out how those passions might translate into a job/career. The blessing? I will get to try lots of different things! If any of these passions align with yours and your/company needs, I'm here to work together!


Writing is a big way in which I express myself, both privately and publicly. It's a way for me to process, learn, and grow. Creating content, forming opinions, and compiling thoughts through the written word is both challenging and encouraging. 


I love using my camera to capture moments, posed and candid, editing photos, and creating beauty from everyday moments that we can appreciate. 


Food is a true passion. It is wonderful how food can bring people together. I love to cook, eat, and experiment with food. When I travel, I head to the market, because regardless of language barriers, we are all there because we value food!

(Like meeting an old Italian man selling cheese, we didn't communicate through words, but we sure understood each other through the love of good cheese!) I also love eating out, such a talent are chefs who express themselves through a meal and adventurous menus! Give me a table surrounded by special people, great food and wine, and I am a happy girl.

Cocktail enthusiast

There is so much history and meaning behind drinks and their names and contents, and I love exploring that background through taste


Traveling is one of my most favorite, and rewarding, passions! It forces me to get out of my comfort zone and grow. It creates an opportunity for enlightenment, understanding, and appreciation. I challenge myself when I travel.  I eat new things, try new customs, (attempt to) speak new languages, and maybe most importantly- have conversations, with real people, and create connections.

After all, at the end of the day, we all- regardless of background- want to be heard, valued, and enough. 


Fashion and design is so fun for me, and it is a passion I am excited to further explore through work. I love reading magazines and admiring how designers come up with collections, what personal story they are trying to tell, and how it can relate to the modern human. It is a form of expression, and I get excited seeing, talking, and experimenting with it. Fashion also incorporates my other passions- photography, film, music, food, art- they are all connected


Oh how I just love the movies! Films, great tv shows, documentaries, and many forms of visual storytelling are a true love. I get excited to hear and see something different, escape into a character, and get immersed into a story. We all have something to say, and I love the bravery of others to share that story through film/visually.


I'm an organized chick, that is just a fact, and one way I love using that skill is planning events!  I love having a clipboard, a checklist, and a team to get things done!

I'm your girl if you've got a party to host!


I'm a culture nerd: be it pop or not. I love the theatre, dance, music, art museums, the list goes on! I enjoy being inspired by what others have had the courage to put together for the rest of us to see.