I am constantly inspired!

It can be both exciting, and overwhelming- because I just don't know what to do with all those inspirations, ideas, notes, words, stories, and rushes of excitement sometimes!


FROM traveling to new places and getting out of my comfort zone, to finding the beauty in a pattern, or searching for the awe in the ordinary.

FROM the food I eat, the food I cook, the food I see, and the influencing large or independent small restaurants, cafes, and chefs I visit (or dream to visit, let's be real- I wish I had an unlimited food budget! Anyone interested in taking me to dinner? Chefs- I'll be a taste tester!)

FROM the film and television shows I watch, escaping into multifaceted characters and moments, headed to new placesdifferent points in time, and other lives.

FROM the music I listen; classical, pop, latino hip hop, musicals, jazz, country, rap, acoustic... you get the idea.

FROM stories I hear, to the written word I write myself, never fully sure if it'll go anywhere other than my Draft folder, but embracing the journey none-the-less. 

FROM the books I devour, reading in a matter of a few days (shout out Harry Potter for life), or ones that take much (much) longer that show me I can pursue a story regardless of the time line, to reading the Newspaper in print form and dreaming of the day I am a local in my favorite city, reading the paper at my regular cafe at my usual table, knowing the servers by name.


THE POINT IS, I'm constantly inspired, and I'm happy about it.

I challenge myself to get excited about the mundane, and remind myself to take breathes and not take that inspiration (or ability to be inspired) for granted.

Every once in a while I'll capture something that inspires me or that I am thinking about, and post it on Instagram. Other times I'll create boards pinning Pin upon Pin of places I dream to visit, cultures I dare to explore, cuisine I aspire to taste, fashion I  idolize to try on myself, design I dream to create, etcetera etcetera). 

Hope you enjoy taking a peek into what inspires me, and hope you find some inspiration too! If you're inspired to work together, contact me! Cheers!